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Day 2 :

Keynote Forum

William J Rowe

University of Toledo Medical Center, USA

Keynote: Neil armstrong syndrome and thermoregulation
Conference Series Euro Heart Congress 2019 International Conference Keynote Speaker William J Rowe photo

William J Rowe is a board-certified Specialist in Internal Medicine. He completed his MD at University of Cincinnati and was in private practice in Toledo, Ohio for 34 years. He was a former Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at University of Ohio, School of Medicine. Out of four space syndromes, he has published two: The Apollo 15 Space Syndrome and Neil Armstrong Syndrome.


Neil Armstrong syndrome and thermoregulation Neil Armstrong syndrome triggered by very common earth related magnesium (Mg) deficits, invariably with spaces flight (SF); invariable dehydration with exercise-induced sweating with Mg loss and through kidneys; leaks of plasma through oxidative stress-induced defective capillaries; loss of thirst mechanism; in turn, angiotensin, catecholamine (C) elevations to twice earth levels when supine; vicious cycles with Mg ion deficits; can trigger C cardiomyopathy i.e. acute temporary heart failure. Normal earth CO2 levels about 0.03% with SF, levels can be 0.5-7% as on Mir; this, postulated to trigger calcium (Ca) overload with in turn coronary vasospasm, injuries to mitochondria along with impairment in telomere function; its synthesis is dependent upon Mg and in turn, decreased cardiac function. Since Mg required for thermoregulation was intensified by SF-exercise for at least 2 hours exercise/day; invariable SF mal-absorption with Mg levels reduced to p<0.0001 even though serum Mg lacks sensitivity. Neil Armstrong informed Houston twice at 4 minutes interval, of shortness of breath with heartrate up to 160 (tachycardia conducive to oxidative stress) with marked reduction to 60, half hour before pacific-splash down over three days later; severe thirst, quenched with in turn, reduced postulated high C. Mg is powerful antioxidant and Ca blocker. Severe dyspnea, thirst, tachycardia; the latter, corrected by water replenishment during three days back to Earth; one of only four- SF syndromes was observed; applicable to Earth in post-menopausal women, particularly if taking Ca supplements which reduces Mg absorption; marathoners at finish line; in tropics with water shortages; may be corrected quickly with I.V fluids or subcutaneous Mg.