Heart Congress_ Organizing Committee

Dipak P. Ramji

Cardiff University

Biography: Dipak Ramji is Professor of Cardiovascular Science and Deputy Head at ReadMore...

Research Interest: Cardiovascular Science , Molecular Biology

Alnoor Abdulla

Professor & Cardiologist Education & Medical Navigation Consultant.
The University of British Columbia

Biography: Dr. Alnoor Abdull, he is a Canadian Cardiologist, with extensive expe ReadMore...

Research Interest: Cardiology, Medical Navigation

Ramachandran Muthiah

Consultant Physician & Cardiologist
Morning Star hospital

Biography: Ramachandran Muthiah, Consultant Physician & Cardiologist, Zion hospit ReadMore...

Research Interest: Rheumatic fever and Endomyocardial fibrosis in tropical belt ReadMore...